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Counter Ambush Training
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We are professionals in personal defense firearms training. We offer a variety of training courses for individuals, groups, corporate event building needs, and custom tailored packages. These courses range for an individual who just purchased a firearm, law enforcement, military personnel, and everything in between.

Students learn how the body reacts naturally when faced with a threat and use this knowledge to be more effective and efficient with a firearm. We know through empirical evidence found in dash camera videos, store surveillance cameras, and footage from conflicts abroad how the body reacts to threat stimulus. Knowing how the body reacts and using that knowledge when reacting to a threat is a powerful advantage in personal defense. It is applicable to all skill levels making it the most advantageous thing about how and what we teach.

Our training is not just another firearms class, but rather world class training methodologies which are constantly evolving. We use the most current science, logic, and reasoning in the industry to help keep you safe. We will teach you how to be more dangerous to a threat than the threat is to you.

We encourage questions here and on the range. Write us, leave a comment, or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you in class!


Living in Arizona we don't need to take a CCW class. However, if you choose to do so then the class put on by Jon, and the staff at Phoenix Firearms Training, is definitely worth your time; and the cost is more than reasonable. While I've not taken any other CCW class, I do not live far from Ben Avery which did afford me the opportunity to observe the range time for classes hosted by other instructors. What took the Phoenix Firearms class to the next level was: 1) The class attendees were split up leaving a maximum of 6 people at the firing line for the instructor to teach, observe, correct, advise, and assist. An instructor can do a far better job of dealing with 5 or 6 students than the higher student counts I saw in other classes. 2) Range time at a CCW class is about developing proficiency with your pistol with implied stress. You simply can't develop proficiency without shooting, and the more the better. Other classes I had looked before calling Phoenix Firearms suggested bringing 50 rounds to their classes. Jon and his team suggested we bring 200 rounds to our class and we did use all of those 200 rounds. 3) The classes I observed shot from the typical Weaver position, kneeling, prone, and seated positions. In essence, target practice. What I didn't see any of them teach was to shoot from a typical defensive posture. Jon's team wasn't concerned about target practice, bulls-eyes, groupings, or points. The focus was on giving us tools to provide us with an edge if the time ever came where we had need to protect ourselves or our loved ones. If you want a CCW class to simply send in your paperwork and get your CCW permit then there are plenty of classes out there for you. However, if you are interested in learning new skills, improving your technique, and gaining tools that could prove invaluable to defending yourself or your loved ones, then you need to call Jon at Phoenix Firearms Training!! - Douglas

I’m the first person in my family ever to shoot or hold a gun. The defensive handgun training at Phoenix Firearms was top notch from a technical aspect and also assuaged all my fears about guns as a newbie. Their knowledgeable, professional, and safety-focused approach was awesome! They have given me the skills and confidence to protect myself and those I care about and I would whole-heartedly recommend PFT to anyone! – Rahul

Amazing experience! I was not fond of handguns and had little knowledge on how to use them….. after taking this course I felt a lot more comfortable using them and what to do in certain situations. Thank you for a great experience! I recommend this to anyone and everyone…. especially females looking to build their knowledge on firearms safety! Thanks again! – Bam Bino

Fantastic day at the Introduction to Defensive Handguns course with good friends and wonderful instructors. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing an informative course. I look forward to developing my skills further. Thank you again! – Jerri

This was a GREAT class. More people should take courses like yours in order to really be proficient and safe in real world scenarios. I, for one, feel more confident I can protect myself and others with improved situational awareness and better handgun control. Thank you. I am planning on taking more of the courses you offer. You guys were professional, knowledgeable, and you made the class fun even when teaching such “serious” material. – Abigal

A great big thanks to Omari, Jon & Chris! I had a great day learning how to be more aware of my environment and know that I will be more confident should something occur. This was a great class! Great instructors, new shooting friends, and new life lessons learned! I highly recommend that everyone needs to take this fundamentals class. Well worth it! Thanks guys for a great class! See you at the next one! – Oanh Le

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciated the training class. The class proved to offer more than I had even expected. Being a newbee I had viewed other classes offering similar programs at much higher cost. I have to say the value of this program was phenomenal and I would recommend it highly to a beginner or a novice. During the class I felt as if I were getting personal training. The ratio of instructor to student was about three to one! The knowledge and patience was to be bragged upon. Talk about going the extra mile, you’ll find it here. You guys get an A+ on customer service! – Rhonda